Far has always considered technological progress of primary importance, in parallel with the satisfaction of customer needs, paying particular attention to the development of new digital tools.
Based on these assumptions comes the collaboration with CADENAS on whose portal, PARTcommunity, FAR has published its Electronic Catalog relating to its range of rivet nuts and blind rivets.

FAR thus intends to provide technicians and designers with a tool that allows, in a simple and fast way, the choice of its fastening systems and the fast download of 3D CAD models.
In addition to viewing and downloading in the most popular CAD formats, the FAR electronic catalogue allows you to configure the product according to the deformation related to the application, providing, in terms of display and use of the model, an extremely realistic representation.

You can consult the Catalogue of FAR products at the following link:
Or from our web-site directly from the product page consulted.