Products for fastening

  • Blind rivets

    For 50 years we have been producing blind rivets in different types of materials and dimensions for more than 2000 items, from common-use rivets to those designed for more specific applications, as well as those produced customer's drawing. Our production is completely manufactured and controlled in every aspect in our plants in Bologna. This choice has enabled us to guarantee personally our quality and our service that have always characterized the FAR brand range of products.

  • Riveting tools for blind rivets

    The wide range of models complies with the most different requirements: manual, pneumatic or battery tools for fastening blind rivets

  • Blind rivet nuts

    The blind rivet nut (or threaded insert) is a fastener that allows to thread on details with reduced thicknesses or located in uncomfortable places where it would not be economical and/or possible to make a thread by tool.

  • Riveting tools for blind rivet nuts

    The wide range of models complies with the most different requirements: manual or pneumatic tools for fastening blind rivet nuts

  • Automation and special machines

    There’s an ever increasing need to optimize work times as well as a demand for customized equipment to solve specific problems that change from one company to another, not to speak of ever more stringent safety standards to be complied with in the workplace. It’s in answer to all these needs that we have designed and developed our automatic and semiautomatic riveting systems. These systems are based on tools and equipment already available on the market. By analysing specific product features these tools and equipment may be more or less automated to meet a wide range of production requirements, from smaller trade activities to more complex industrial processes.

  • Special products, blind rivets and blind rivet nut

    Extended (long) nail rivets: In order to fix these rivets, it is necessary to use an extended nozzle tool. In your order, please specify the extended nozzle to use (U1 or U2). Our Sales Department is at your disposal for defining the delivery terms. If it is necessary to increase the corrosion resistance for steel rivets, it is possible to increase the galvanizing thickness up to max. 12 micron. For special products / products on request, the quantities mentioned on the order confirmation can change of +/- 10%.

  • Riveting Control Systems

    The long experience of FAR in fastening systems led to the development of tools that allow control and monitoring of all stages of the riveting process.
    A further guarantee for a proper installation with no waste of time.

  • Riveting tools out of production

    What can be found here: videos on main operations of maintenance and repair about tools out of production.