Automation and special machines for rivets

  • Pneumatic Main Unit for blind rivets - ON REQUEST

    Main unit for single riveting for blind rivets.
    Hydropneumatic riveting tool for blind rivets ø 2,4 ÷ 6 (ø 6 only in aluminium).
    The Main Unit consists of one head group, one booster group and one pneumatic group with pedal.

  • Main unit for blind rivets UBRE

    Main Unit for single or multiple rivetings for blind rivets. Hydropneumatic riveting machine for blind rivets ø 2,4 ÷ 6 (the last one in aluminium only). The unit can be supplied with pedal control or double button control; for application with more than one unit, these can be positioned on a working bench (following customer’s specification) with fixed or variable axle bases over 40 mm. The standard equipment of the Main Unit consists of: an electrical panel with foot pedal, a head group, a booster group, a pneumatic group.

  • UBRE - Application example 1

    System with automatic picking and placing of the riveting head

  • UBRE - Application example 2

    Semi-automatic system with manual picking and fastening of the blind rivet.

  • UBRE - Application example 3

    Power supply system and installation of blind rivets for autofeeding riveting system.

  • UBRE - Application example 4

    Automatic machine for multiple riveting

  • Heads for multiple rivetings

    - This system allows to place two or more rivets in one step.

    - To be used with the "Main unit" system.

    - The system is customized according to specific needs.

  • AU250 Automatic feeding machine for blind rivets

    Automatic feed riveting tool designed for rivets Ø 3,2 ÷ 5,0 mm (all alloys) and Ø 6,0 mm (only in aluminium).
    The automatic feed riveting tool is equipped to place one size of rivet selected by customer. Kits for other sizes can be supplied on request.