High performances Tamp Ap rivets

TAMP AP rivets

Reference standard: there are no reference standards

 High performance blind rivets TAMP AP

• Highest mechanical strength in the range

• Excellent vibration resistance

• Locked head nail

• Consistent shear strength on any thickness


The distinctive feature of this product is its shear strength, thanks to the consistent presence of a medium carbon steel nail in the cutting area.
This feature makes these rivets particularly suitable for applications requiring high vibration resistance.

This is why its scope of application includes the following:
• Industrial equipment
• Heavy goods vehicles
• Industrial ventilation


Bush: 23B2 steel (EN 1.5508)
Nail: 38B2 steel (EN 1.5515)

Surface treatments:

Galvanisation: White bush and nail galvanised with Chromium III. Minimum external thickness: 8µm

Comparison of the shear failure load between the main high-performance rivets

High performance blind rivets