Nity kolorowe

  • lakierowane na zamówienie
    Na żądanie dostępne są nity aluminiowe, stalowe oraz miedziane we wszystkich kolorach palety RAL ( oprócz nitów: FARBOLT, TAMP ).

    Minimalne zamówienie 20.000 szt
  • anodowane na zamówienie
    Na życzenie wszystkie nity aluminiowe (z wyjątkiem nitów szczelnych) mogą być anodowane na czarno. 

    Minimalna zamówienie 30,000 szt.



When exposed to atmospheric air, aluminium is spontaneously covered by a thin layer of oxide. It can be considered a product of passivation that protects the metal from subsequent corrosion.
Anodizing (or anodic oxidation) is an electrochemical process by which a protective layer of aluminium oxide is deposited on the surface of the treated detail. The layer of material is variable.
Obviously, this type of treatment can be performed on aluminium details only. The main difference between anodizing and painting is that the first one is performed without deposit material through electrochemical transformation of base material.